Relay Privacy Policy

This policy explains what information we collect when you use Relay's mobile application. This privacy policy also contains the brief outlining of how we manage your data.

What do we collect

We don't collect data in order to advertise content to you, we only collect the information you actively give us, in order to maintain your privacy, these are namely:

  1. authentication details (email, password, username and profile picture)
  2. workspace authentication details (workspace name and workspace password)
  3. workspace channels and threads created by users authenticated into workspace
  4. videos posted into threads by users
  5. Integrated platform account details

Delete functionality is built into the platform for increased privacy protection

We collect this data only for use when it is being redisplayed to each user that authenticates into the application

We try to refrain from collecting any sensitive and personal details to protect each and every user who joins the Relay community